We tested elevated dog beds from Amazon Basics and more to find the best raised bed for your pooch.

Looking for the perfect raised dog bed? We searched for the best options and bought and tested 8 top-rated models available today. Our top picks are chosen by both dogs and humans. We included different dogs with various personalities, likes, and dislikes to test each bed on hot summer days. We care about our furry family members, just like you do. This review will assist you in finding the ideal model for your pup and you, whether your dog is a chewer, picky, big, small or somewhere in between.

Introducing the Best Elevated Dog Beds

1 COOLAROO On the Go Cooling Elevated Dog Bed

Brand: Coolaroo | Breed Recommendation: Large, All Breed Sizes | Average Rating:: 4.6 at Amazon

Portable Comfort: Perfect for travel, vacations, parks, and camping ensuring your pet’s comfort on the go.Immediate Setup: No assembly needed enjoy 10-second setup wherever you roam.
Easy Storage: Collapsible design for effortless packing with a carrying bag for added convenience.
Immediate Setup: No assembly needed enjoy a 10-second setup wherever you roam.

After extensive testing spanning several weeks, our team at Pets Gear Lab proudly presents our comprehensive review of the COOLAROO On the Go Cooling Elevated Dog Bed. Designed for ultimate comfort and durability, this bed has proven itself as the top choice for your furry friends relaxation needs. Buy Now and treat your pet to unmatched comfort and coolness!

2 Lifestyle Pet Cot Elevated Bed

Brand: Pet Gear | Breed Recommendation: Small Breeds | Average Rating: 4.5 at Amazon

Small Breed Friendly: Perfectly suited for small breeds.There is not a solid reason to avoid products.
Portable Design: Ideal for travel or storage with its easy fold design.
Durable and Water-Resistant: Made from tough nylon material.
Cool and Comfortable: Elevated design and mesh center keep pets cool and comfy indoors or outdoors.

After thorough testing for two months, our team at Pets Gear Lab is excited to introduce our detailed review of the Lifestyle Pet Cot Elevated Bed. Crafted with durable materials and a thoughtful design, this bed ensures your pet’s comfort and support, whether indoors or outdoors. Buy Now and give your pet the ultimate resting experience they deserve.

3 Bolster Dog Cot Cooling Indoor/Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed

Brand: K&H Pet Products | Special Feature: Original Bolster Pet Cot Elevated Pet Bed | Average Rating: 4.6 at Amazon

Comfort and Security: Features plush bolster and waterproof fabric for pet comfort and security.Limited Size Compatibility: This pet bed is designed specifically for medium-sized breeds, potentially limiting options for owners of larger or smaller pets.
Durable Design: Lightweight metal frame holds over 200 pounds, ensuring strength and reliability.
Easy Assembly and Maintenance: Tool-free assembly and machine washable cover for convenience.
Versatile Use: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use with slip-resistant rubber feet and a water-resistant mesh center.

Our team at Pets Gear Lab is excited to unveil our comprehensive review of the Bolster Dog Cot Cooling Indoor/Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed. Engineered with your pet’s comfort in mind, this bed provides a cool and cozy spot for your furry friend to relax both indoors and outdoors. Buy Now and give your pet the comfort and relaxation they deserve.

4 The Original Cooling Elevated Dog Bed, Indoor and Outdoor

Brand: Coolaroo | Breed Recommendation: Small | Special Feature: Cooling, Elevated, Breathable, Washable, Removable Cover, Travel, Lightweight, Portable, Uv Resistant, Chew Resistant, Scratch Resistant | Average Rating: 4.5 at Amazon

Year-Round Comfort: Promotes air circulation, keeping your dog cool.Limited Size Compatibility: This dog bed is recommended for small breeds only, which may not be suitable for larger dogs.
Joint Relief: Raised design relieves pressure points, ensuring comfort.
Easy to Clean: Washable with a removable cover for hassle-free maintenance.
Portability: Lightweight and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, ideal for travel.

We tested The Original Cooling Elevated Dog Bed for over two months. At Pets Gear Lab, we are excited to share our detailed review. This bed is designed to keep your pet cool and comfortable. Get yours now and give your pet the best rest possible!


After weeks of rigorous testing, we have sifted through numerous options to bring you the finest elevated dog beds for your furry companion(s). Whether you seek durability for outdoor use, cooling comfort for hot days, relief for aging joints, or simply want a bed that elevates your dog off the ground, our review aims to assist you in finding the perfect fit for you and your dog’s needs.

What are the benefits of elevated dog beds?

Elevated dog beds offer several advantages including improved air circulation, which helps to keep your dog cool, reduced joint pressure, and protection from cold or wet surfaces. They are also often more durable and easier to clean than traditional dog beds.

How do I choose the right size elevated dog bed for my pet?

To choose the right size elevated dog bed, measure your pet from nose to tail while they are lying down. Make sure the bed you select is at least a few inches longer and wider than your dog’s measurements to ensure they have enough space to stretch out comfortably.

Are elevated dog beds suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, many elevated dog beds are designed specifically for outdoor use. They are made from weather-resistant materials that can withstand exposure to the elements and their raised design helps to keep your dog off the hot ground in the summer and cold ground in the winter.

How do I clean an elevated dog bed?

Cleaning an elevated dog bed is typically easy. Most models feature a removable cover that can be machine washed or hosed down. The frame can usually be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning recommendations.

Can elevated dog beds help with orthopedic issues in dogs?

Yes, elevated dog beds can help alleviate orthopedic issues by providing even support for your dog’s joints and bones. The raised design reduces pressure points and allows for better circulation, which can be especially beneficial for dogs with arthritis or other joint conditions.

Are there any safety considerations for using elevated dog beds?

While elevated dog beds are generally safe for most dogs, it’s essential to choose a sturdy and well-made bed that can support your pet’s weight. Additionally, be mindful of any sharp edges or protruding parts that could pose a risk to your dog. Always supervise your pet when they are using the bed, especially if they are prone to chewing or rough play.